Long live the Global War on Islam aka “Overseas Contingency Operation”

“The End of the Global War on Terror,” by Al Kamen in the Washington Post, March 24 (thanks to Sr. Soph):The end of the Global War on Terror — or at least the use of that phrase — has been codified at the Pentagon. Reports that the phrase was being retired have been circulating for some time amongst senior administration officials, and this morning speechwriters and other staff were notified via this e-mail to use “Overseas Contingency Operation” instead.

Recently, in a LtGen [John] Bergman, USMC, statement for the 25 March [congressional] hearing, OMB required that the following change be made before going to the Hill,”

Dave Riedel, of the Office of Security Review, wrote in an e-mail.”OMB says: ‘This Administration prefers to avoid using the term “Long War” or “Global War on Terror” [GWOT]. Please use “Overseas Contingency Operation.’“Riedel asked recipients to “Please pass on to your speech writers and try to catch this change before the statements make it to OMB.”

MARK STEYN & GLENN BECK discuss the absurdity of the new euphemism for the GWOT, designed to not offend our friends, the IslamoFascists.

I am so glad that we have won the war on terror. I was worried at times that we might lose it. That was until the Great Terror Warrior Obama was elected as our Terror fighting Commander-in-Chief. Its only been two months and the war has been won. Thank you President Obama and congratulations, for you have defeated the ones who would see us all dead if it were within their power.

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Over at Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer sums it up best:

“And so now we are engaged in a great Overseas Contingency Operation, testing whether that nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure. And be assured: if the Overseas Contingency Operatives succeed in pulling off another Contingency Operation on American soil on the scale of 9/11, or more than one, we will indeed be sorely tested — and utterly unprepared to meet the multifaceted cultural, military, political, and spiritual challenge the enemy presents.”

There are over 100 verses in the Qu’ran that exhort believers to wage jihad against non-believers. Violent jihad against non-believers is not a heretical doctrine held by a tiny minority of extremists, but a constant element of mainstream Islamic theology.

A Muslim woman, Wafa Sultan, begs to differ: