Thousands of Somali Muslim refugees have resettled in Tennessee and other states to escape the chaos of their homeland, but they are creating chaos themselves here.

And of course, Americans are expected to accommodate their customs while they refuse to assimilate into American life.

The State Department is bringing thousands of Somali Muslim refugees into US cities, paid for by American taxpayers. Yet wherever they settle, they refuse to integrate and Somali gangs tend to emerge. In Tennessee, the locals complain that the Somalis are getting preference for jobs that unemployed US Citizens could fill.

And let’s not forget that it was at the Tyson Chicken plant in Tennessee where the Somali Musims demanded and got a day off for a Muslim holiday which replaced the day off usually given for Labor Day. Huge protests forced the company to reinstate the Labor Day Holiday.

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Are Somali-Americans returning to terrorist-training camps in Somalia to help al-Qaeda there, or back here?

U.S. intelligence officials are concerned that the disappearance of dozens of Somali men from the St. Paul. Minn., area could be linked to terrorism. American citizen Shirwa Ahmed was among several men who went missing from the area in recent months. In October, he participated in a suicide bomb attack that killed 29 people in northern Somalia, making him the first successful American suicide bomber.

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