"You have dishonored your family, please kill yourself"

Elif’s Turkish father told her to kill herself in order to spare him from a prison sentence for murdering her.

How did she dishonor her family, you ask? She simply declined the offer of an arranged marriage with an older man, telling her parents she wanted to continue her education.

That act of disobedience was seen as bringing dishonour on her whole family – a crime punishable by death. “I managed to escape. When I was at school, a few girls I knew were killed by their families in the name of honour – one of them for simply receiving a text message from a boy,” Elif said.

As Turkey cracks down on ‘honor killings’, women are now told to commit suicideSo-called “honour killings” in Turkey have reached record levels. According to government figures, there are more than 200 a year – half of all the murders committed in the country. Now, in a sinister twist, comes the emergence of “honour suicides”. The growing phenomenon has been linked to reforms to Turkey’s penal code in 2005. That introduced mandatory life sentences for honour killers, whereas in the past, killers could receive a reduced sentence claiming provocation. Soon after the law was passed, the numbers of female suicides started to rocket.


Ah yes, Muslim men, can’t live with’em, can’t kill ’em. But isn’t Turkey the ‘secular’ Muslim nation that is petitioning for admittance into the EU? Yeah, this oughta make them a shoe-in.