British al-Qaeda defeats British Patriots

Islamic militants disrupted and ruined the first pro-troops demonstration in Luton, England. So, a second one was scheduled for last Saturday, but it was cancelled because police didn’t want to ‘inflame the situation.’ It wasn’t the Patriots who inflamed the situation, it was the Muslim scum. The media and the leftists are calling the Patriots fascists because they want to support the troops.

The demonstration is rescheduled for April 23rd but I wouldn’t bet money on it coming off.  Damn it, Great Britain, where is your soul, where is your courage, where is your dignity? You’re not looking very great anymore.

HAT TIP: LutonLionheart

Blogger LutonLionheart says,  I think it is important that a response to the Islamists treatment of our troops takes place in Luton, not London. It is necessary for the people of Britain to establish our sovereignty over the town of Luton, whether the Government likes it or not. If the Government is willing to give up our land to the Islamists then people need to stand up and defend our land despite them and despite the risks. I am not happy that the peaceful demonstration today was cancelled and I see the hand of our elite class in the cancelation. This situation is completely unacceptible.”


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