KARACHI KIDS – Pakistan's breeding ground for future terrorists, many from Muslim-American families

Welcome to Jihad U – The Pakistani madrassa network of Islamic schools where Muslim children as young as six are indocrinated with the teachings of radical Islam.

Filmed over the course of years, the Karachi Kids tracks the changes of two middle class brothers from Atlanta whose father, a Pakistani taxi driver enraged at the influence of American culture on his children, into a madrassa with instructions that they must memorize the Koran before they are allowed home — a process which takes about seven years.

Documentary filmmaker Imran Raza, who is of Pakistani descent, discovered the Khans in the Binoria madrassa in 2005. He embarked on his documentary “Karachi Kids” immediately after the London subway bombings. Raza has spearheaded the effort to remove the Khans from Binoria and bring them back to America


The Director speaks to CBS News about the transformation of the two teens over 4 years.