NEW ISLAMIC FATWA outrages world's PIG population

Muslim Scholar declares that it’s OK to eat Pork.

In a stunning reversal of a classical Islamic position, the leader of theEuropean Council for Fatwa and ReserachYusuf al-Qaradawi, has announced that as of today, eating pork is no problem after all.

According to usually reliable sources, al-Qaradawi states: “At the ECFR, we have examined the matter throughoutly, and decided that the traditional Islamic ban on eating pork is unfounded. The ban originally existed due to the risk of the disease Trichinella, which is rather serious. Since modern-day research has largely eliminated this problem, we shall as soon as possible issue a Fatwa declaring pork perfectly suitable for consumption also by Muslims.” 

The notion did meet some resistance in our 33-member council. This is a quite large group to move from a reactionary to a modern position on any matter. But the fact that the ECFR has been perceived as unreasonably conservative, even fundamentalist, had become a cause for concern. This softened the position of the board members.

Further, the strictness of Sharia law, and the propagation of contradicting or downright silly Fatwas was becoming a headache for Islamic scholars and believers alike.

The most serious concern was that lifting the pork ban might have a negative impact on our authority in Islamic circles. This was a tough challenge, but the fact that our current positions have been object of ridicule and were short of scientific backing anyway, it was becoming unsustainable to stick to every written detail of Islamic scripture.

As a final note, it is suggested that Muslims enjoy their sausages, ham and bacon right away.


So does this mean we can rethink this kind of PC insanity? SHARI’A LAW RIPS PORK FROM U.S. FAST FOOD MENU

Here’s a claim that warrants closer scrutiny in light of recent events related to a Church’s Chicken franchisee in Baltimore: The demand for Islamic financial products has surged in recent years due largely to their transparent nature.

The Daily Record in Baltimore, Maryland, reports, a black couple in Baltimore had contracted with the Church’s Chicken restaurant chain to open a new outlet in Baltimore. Unfortunately for the entrepreneurial couple, as they were investing in their chicken outlet, Church’s Chicken was purchased by Crescent Capital Investments Inc., the US affiliate of the Bahrain-based First Islamic Investment Bank BSC. And, upon the restaurant chain’s purchase, these new Islamic corporate owners decided to institute Shari’ah laws upon their investments.

This caught the Beasleys new restaurant in a tough spot because pork products were on the morning breakfast menu for the Church’s Chicken chain. Because Shari’ah law principles had been imposed on the Beasleys’ new restaurant, they would be barred from serving their breakfast menu items, their corporate owners informed them. This barring from being able to serve their breakfast items, the couple maintains, contributed to the restaurant’s failure and their eventual bankruptcy.



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