3/19/09: Canadian female journalist who converted to Islam and went to Pakistan to show that Islam and Jihad are not the evil the West says they are, is now being held by the TALIBAN and will be BEHEHEADED unless Canada pays a $3.75 million ransom.

Maybe Obambi can talk to some of his ‘moderate’ Taliban friends on her behalf?  

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UPDATE: 4/4/09:  Taliban militants holding the Canadian woman Khadija Abdul Qahaar in North Waziristan tribal region on Friday circulated a pamphlet threatening to kill her if their demand for ransom was not met by tomorrow.

The militants had earlier set March 31 deadline while demanding 2 million dollars ransom. Subsequently, they extended the deadline to April 3. Now they have warned that the new deadline of April 5 is final.

“We once again ask the Pakistan and Canadian governments to accept our demands by April 5, or else we will kill Khadija Abdul Qahaar because she is not a journalist and came to Pakistan on a mission to spy for the Canadian government. Under the Islamic laws, her punishment is death. Until now, not a single official of the Pakistan and Canadian governments has approached us. April 5 is the final deadline,” said the pamphlet made available to The News.

The Canadian government has reportedly refused to negotiate with the kidnappers or pay ransom. 

However, despite being charged as a Canadian spy, the Taliban were ready to set her free if they were paid two million dollars. Sources close to militants in North Waziristan said the militants extended their deadline on appeals from local journalists and tribal elders. The sources said the militants had been frustrated with cold response of the Pakistan and Canadian governments and their reluctance to pay such a huge ransom for her release.


Let them kill her. She converted to the religion of hate, went to a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism, she deserves to be treated like anyone else under Sharia Law.


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