Is this who you want saving your life in a raging fire?

New uniform for female Muslim firefighters in the UK
New uniform for Muslim women firefighters

You can thank the FEMINAZIS if this is the firefighter who has to rescue you from a burning building. But if you are a man, you can just fry, because she won’t be able to lay a hand on you. Her religion doesn’t allow it.

Ever wondered why there’s no campaign to have a quota of female dustcart workers, or dustpersons? Well, I have done the wondering on your behalf.

And the reason is simple. The mad ultra-feminist movement is only interested in attacking high-prestige bastions of conservatism, to make a political point. It’s not happy if a few exceptional women make it (as they do). The task itself has to be feminzsed. The last thing they care about is how well the job gets done.

These days, of course, the quotas must apply to Muslims too. Hence the fetching uniform pioneered by Lincolnshire for female Muslim firefighters, if there ever are any. 

The waste of time and money involved in this sort of thing is huge. Hundreds of buildings and fire engines have had to be expensively adapted. So is the damage done by the general lowering of the strength and height requirements. And it doesn’t work.