"It's hard to appreciate Europe's leading role in the world when it's been sucking at your teet for 60 years, parasitically"

Charles Krauthammer exposes the ignorance of  Obama over his apologies for America.


Well, I AM sorry for America, too.

I am sorry that the American President doesn’t understand that  the the world is a better place because of the actions and leadership of America and its people, instead calling Americans “arrogant” and “divisive.”

I am sorry that the American President thinks “our actions around the world have not lived up to our best intentions.”

 I am sorry that the American President believes that America is the cause of all our problems and that somehow Europe can help solve them.

I am sorry that America took it upon itself to be the first line of defense for the rest of the world, so they could spend all their money on their own entitlement programs, leaving themselves virtually defenseless to all enemies.

I am sorry that America has repeatedly taken up arms and sacrificed tremendous blood and treasure in defense of Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Bosnia, and Kosovo. 

I am sorry that there was no mass outcry or outrage from Muslims around the world for the Islamic terrorist attacks on 9/11, and virtually nothing since then. And that these same Arab governments breed hatred for the U.S. in their media and their schools.

I am sorry that Israel is being asked to bear the burden of its terrorist neighbors, the Palestinians, when none of their Arab neighbors will have the Palestinians in their own countries, or support them financially, or invest in their future.

I am sorry that America has to be the biggest financial contributor to impoverished Arabs while their oil-rich Arab brethren are happy to let them starve, while they spend huge amounts on weapons and bombs and palaces and planes.

I am sorry that America refuses to acknowledge that Islam is a death cult and not a religion like Christianity and Judaism, deserving of the same religious freedom. And I am sorry that we allow Muslims to build terrorist-supporting mosques in our country while we are not allowed to build churches or synagogues in theirs.

Most of all I am sorry that America has elected a stealth Muslim as President, who equates Americans with the same people responsible for thousands of terrorist attacks around the world every year, who kill non-Muslims on airplanes, at the Olympics, and in the streets every day, while threatening to turn these countries into Islamic states.

For the first time in my life, an American President has made me ashamed to be an American. –BARE NAKED ISLAM