Muslim, yes MUSLIM Pirates hijack U.S.ship

I wonder how many $$millions it will take for IslamOBAMA to buy them off?  He should send in the Marines to slaughter them like they did at Tripoli. HAH!

The spokesman for Maersk Line says pirates off East Africa have hijacked a cargo ship with Americans onboard. Somali MUSLIM pirates have seized a cargo ship with 20 American crew on board off the Horn of Africa. The 17,000-tonne vessel was attacked in the Indian Ocean, 400 miles from the Somali capital Mogadishu.

It’s just like 1979 all over again. Muslims are holding American hostages. Will there be a Jimmy Carter stupid response or an Obama non-response? Maybe he should tell the pirates we aren’t at war with Islam?

H/T: MiddleEastNews


UPATE: I just heard that the American crew took back the ship, while the White House was having talks on what to do about it. Apparently, they knew they’d get no help from Obama and didn’t even call Washington.

I wonder if Obama will apologize for those mean Americans who made the Muslim pirates look bad?


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