Even the Arab world knows OBAMA IS WET BEHIND THE EARS


Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed, he general manager of Al -Arabiya television. Mr. Al Rashed is also the former editor-in-chief of Asharq Al- Awsat, and the leading Arabic weekly magazine, Al Majalla.
Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed, the general manager of Al -Arabiya television.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama soon will find there is no escape from repeating the policies of George W. Bush.

In a speech last week US President told his audience that there were those that thought that electing “Barack Hussein Obama” was enough to solve the country’s problems.

Obama himself must have thought at one moment or another that things would actually get easier the more distance that he puts between himself and his predecessor George Bush, but he has seen with his own eyes that things are becoming more difficult.

Obama  began his presidency by ordering the release of Muslim detainees from Guantanamo Bay and banned the military trials [of detainees], he made his first televised address as President to the Muslims, sent a message of reconciliation to Iran, and pledged to withdraw from Iraq sooner than George W. Bush had planned to. At the same time his Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, announced that there no longer exists any such term as “war on terror” in US foreign policy. Yet despite all of this, violence has increased.

The vicious cycle of violence continues with regards the Taliban and Al Qaeda, indeed the Taliban have stepped up their operations in spite of the public message from Washington on the possibility of reconciliation. Secret messages and media references have not succeeded [in bring the Taliban to the table], and this issue is one that requires caution for it is likely that the Taliban are no different than Al Qaeda. Evidence of this can be seen in the principles of the Taliban which have not changed from forcibly preventing girls from receiving an education, and burning down their schools and murdering their teachers, not to mention banning music.

The Taliban agenda is one of local governing, unlike that of Al Qaeda, the international organization which has benefited from the modest ambitions of its ally the Taliban, and which has attempted to infiltrate the entire world and destroy it.

I expect that Obama will return to the notorious Bush ethos, for he will have no other choice in the fight against Al Qaeda, confronting Iran, and confining North Korea.

I repeat that he will not find another option because these parties – despite all that Obama has achieved since coming to power – will not ever change their stance. For every step forward that Obama has taken his opponents have challenged him saying that he has done so without receiving anything in return.

Tehran has announced – via more than one official – that by electing Obama Washington has acknowledged its weakness in the face of Iran. Even the Taliban, who were not concerned with foreign affairs, have begun to undertake activities outside of the tribal areas.

Finally, in his speeches Obama has begun to mention something that Bush repeated, namely the three dangers; a nuclear Iran, the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, and North Korea. Obama will find that there is no escape from a return to widespread confrontation, politically, economically, and militarily.


BOW SCHMOW! Saudis are dismayed by OBAMA’S seeming TOLERANCE of NUCLEAR IRAN

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report April 7, 2009, 5:08 PM (GMT+02:00)

A chillier encounter
A chillier encounter

President Barack Obama’s declaration in the Turkish parliament Monday, April 6, that the US is not at war with Islam provided cold comfort in Riyadh and Cairo, where his drastic policy shift of détente with Tehran, first revealed by DEBKA-Net-Weekly last month, is causing jitters.

The Financial Times’ prediction that the US “may cede to Iran’s nuclear ambition” only added to the unease in the Middle East at large.

On the sidelines of the G20 summit in London, Saudi King Abdullah made his views known in a face-to-face interview with the US president on April 2. The White House communiqué reported blandly: Obama and Abdullah discussed international cooperation regarding the global economy, regional political and security issues, and cooperation against terrorism.

However, according to DEBKAfile‘s Middle East sources, Abdullah took the US president sternly to task over his emerging policy on Iran, Syria and Iraq, accusing him to giving the Islamic Republic free rein for its nuclear, expansionist and terrorism-sponsoring Middle East policies.

The Financial Times was the first Western mainstream publication to pick up on the new pro-Iran policy trend dominating Obama’s Washington: “US officials are considering whether to accept Iran’s pursuit of uranium enrichment… discussing whether the US will eventually have to accept Iran’s insistence on carrying out the process.” DEBKAfile‘s military sources fear that Tehran has been given a free run to perfect its ability to make bombs and warheads in the shortest possible time from the moment of decision.

Our sources report that the US president’s two-day stay in Ankara and his words of peace towards the Muslim world were seen in Riyadh and Cairo as ignoring the most pressing concerns of the leading Muslim Arab powers of the region.