OBAMA-ENDORSED TALIBAN Peace Deal called off – Pakistan heading for civil war.

An increasingly powerful Taliban is moving away from their outlying village sanctuaries and into the big cities, thanks to incessant drone attacks by the US Air Force on the sanctuaries.

Today the Taliban spokesman, Muslim Khan, officially called off the peace deal and said that they are going to attack with full force in Islamabad ( Pakistan’s Capital). Taliban fighters have been seen surrounding the capital. (Gee, thanks, Barry, you poked at the hornets nest and now they are swarming all over the place)

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After imposing Shari’a Law in the Obama-sanctioned Taliban takeover of the Swat Valley, Taliban are invading surrounding areas.

Taliban militants from Pakistan’s troubled Swat valley have stormed the nearby district of Buner, killing at least five people, police say. A local tribal force has been battling the militants since Monday, but their resistance is weakening, residents say. Residents of Buner told the BBC that this time the Taliban have come in greater numbers and the local force is unlikely to resist them for long, unless backed by aerial support from the military.

Are THESE the ‘moderate’ Taliban leaders with whom Obama thinks he can negotiate?

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