HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A MUSLIM SCORNED – Somali Pirates vow revenge

And apparently they are wasting no time: – Six mortars fired at US Congressman’s plane leaving Mogadishu.

Pirates Vow Revenge After U.S. Navy Rescues Captain

MOGADISHU, Somalia — 

Somali pirates on Monday vowed to retaliate for the deaths of three colleagues who were shot dead by U.S. Navy snipers hours before in a daring nighttime assault that freed a 53-year-old American captain.

“Every country will be treated the way it treats us,” said Abdullahi Lami, one of the pirates holding a Greek ship anchored in the pirate den of Gaan, a central Somali town. “In the future, America will be the one mourning and crying,” he told The Associated Press by telephone. “We will retaliate for the killings of our men.”

“From now on, if we capture foreign ships and their respective countries try to attack us, we will kill them,” Habeb said. “Now they became our number one enemy,” he said of U.S. forces. One pirate vowed the events would not stop them from targeting more ships.

“The mere killing of three and capturing one will not make us change our mind,” said one pirate holding a German ship anchored in the Somali town of Harardhere who refused to give his name. “We are determined to continue our business regardless of the recent killings and arrests.”


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