Muslim butcher cuts baby daughter in half. Removes her vagina. Buries her. Dogs dig her up. BLAMES WHITEY.

Was this a ‘HALAL’ slaughter, I wonder?  

AUSTRALIA: A halal butcher who dissected his newborn daughter and buried her body in a neighbour’s yard to conceal an extramarital affair has had yet another appeal thrown out.

Brisbane man Raymond Akhtar Ali was jailed for life in 1999 over the gruesome murder of Chahleen Amy Blackwell just moments after her birth at Ali’s family home at Logan Valley, in the city’s south, on September 8, 1998. The child’s mother and the Ali family’s live-in babysitter, Amanda Blackwell, was also convicted of manslaughter.

The infant was bashed, stomped on and sliced in half by her father, a trained butcher who slaughtered goats for the muslim market, because he did not want his wife to find out about his infidelity. Her sexual organs were also removed and her body buried in a neighbouring property before it was eventually dug up by dogs.

Ali appealed his conviction to the High Court in March 2005, claiming the conduct of his defence lawyers had resulted in a miscarriage of justice, however the appeal was rejectedA second bid in Brisbane’s Supreme Court of Appeal this morning – this time for an extension of time to mount another legal challenge – was also swiftly thrown out.

While Ali denied any connection with the birth or death, DNA testing showed he was the baby’s father. Ali, who did not give or call evidence, constantly interrupted the sentencing hearing with claims that he had been framed. 

“I’ll prove it in a higher court. I’ve been judged on my colour and my religion.”She did it, but she’s a white woman,” he said referring to Blackwell.


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