It's OK for British Muslims to protest and verbally abuse British troops?

But it’s ‘NOT’ OK for the Brits to stage a parade in celebration of St. George’s Day?

LUTON, UK: PATRIOTIC Brits blasted a council yesterday for barring a St George’s Day parade – after letting Muslim fanatics abuse soldiers at a welcome home parade in honor of the British troops after their return from two tours of duty in Iraq.

Anyone wanting to stage an event in Luton, has to seek permission from the council’s Safety Advisory Group.

But while fanatical Muslims were given the green light to gather and scream insults when the Royal Anglian Regiment returned from Iraq last month, an application for a St George’s Day celebration this month was turned down.

Approval has also been granted for events to mark the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed and the death of his grandson. Many Luton residents complaining of “double standards” were further angered when a rally to protest at the council’s decisions two days ago was stopped and then broken up by police.

Craig McKoy, 22, claims he had two teeth smashed in by a policeman’s truncheon during the event. He said: “I don’t have any problem at all with large-scale Muslim celebrations on the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday. “But why can’t other people be given the same rights, especially as I don’t think Muslims would have a problem with a St George’s Day celebration either?

Luton Council and Bedfordshire Police confirmed that they gave the go ahead to the Muslims’ protest last month.Of the request for a St George’s Day parade, the spokesman said: “The SAG was unable to comment on the application because of a lack of information such as detailed route plan, full risk assessment, and timings of the event.”UK DAILY STAR