ISLAMObama KILLS PRODUCTION of State-of-the-Art Military Aircraft despite heavy demand for it from our allies

Gee, I wonder how many American jobs will be lost simply because Obama wants to weaken our defense capaiblities…while preventing Israel from doing what it has to do to defend itself?

The current kerfuffle between Israel and the Pentagon reported  in this Ha’aretz Articleover  the former’s purchase of the F-35, given the alleged escalating costs because of avionics and ECM retrofits by the IAF, is another indication that the Obama Administration is isolating Israel from receipt of  front line aircraft  to combat Russian supplied AADM radar and Iranian Missiles.

Realize that the IAF F-16’s used to attack the Syrian nuclear bomb factory in September 2007 had external avionics and ECM pods developed in Israel that made the attacking aircraft virtually invisible to Russian supplied target acquisition radar. The IAF took out Syria’s entire radar sysytem during that rapier-like attack – see here.

Given what I have written about the F-22 Raptor-
see here, if Congress would lift the ban that would be a second best option for Israel. Together with Japanese and Australian purchases, it would assure continued production of the F-22, which is a Stealth fighter bomber with advanced ECM capabilities.

That second best option would be better than the alternative of retrofitting the aging fleet of F-16is and F-15bs.  Congress would be well advised to lift the ban on the sale of the F-22 Raptors to foreign allies like Israel, Japan and Australia. In the case of Israel it would give it a superior multi-role fughter bomber retrofitted with advanced Israeli-developed avionics and ECM capabilities to combat regional missile threats.


ISRAELI AIR FORCE, 2nd best in the world.

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