NORWAY’s culture is being threatened by Muslim immigrants.

Violent riots in Oslo, following pro-Hamas demonstrations during the Gaza war, raged for days. The demonstrators took to smashing shop windows, looting, and setting fire to litter bins.

“Norway will soon have a majority population of non-Westerners, mostly Muslims, and the consequences will be devastating.”

Steinar Lem is a Norwegian Leftist who recently started off a public debate with his article, posted on the Human Rights Services site (in Norwegian), in which he called on officials to stop non-Western immigration to Norway. In the past Lem criticized Norwegian immigration policies on Aftenposten, now he goes further.

“Norwegian culture is threatened.  In the next 50 years we will see great changes related to that we steadily have a larger non-Western population.

“If the part of people in Norway with Islamic background becomes large enough we will have major setbacks for gender equality in Norway – due to the Norwegian social-relativistic thought that we should respect other cultures. We must accept large groups of girls who can’t have contact with boys on their free time, don’t participate in school trips, but strengthen the segregation between the pure with hijab and the whores who don’t cover themselves.  This will also affect the status of Norwegian women,” writes Lem. “The attitudes towards homosexuality and freedom of speech will also suffer setbacks,” he claims.Islam in Europe

‘Muslim Madonna’ – Singer Deeyah is a Norwegian Muslim woman who was forced to flee Norway because of harassment and death threats from people in the Islamic community there.

Deeyah, the exiled Norwegian singer and activist, was awarded with an ArtVenture Freedom to Create Prize at a ceremony in London on 26 November 2008. More than 900 artists from 86 countries had been nominated. Three artists, Deeyah along with Turkish-Kurdish Ferhat Tunç and Burmese Win Maw, nominated by Freemuse, all made it to the final shortlist of five in their respective categories.

The main prize category was awarded to the Zimbabwean playwright Cont Mhlanga — a fierce opponent of the Mugabe regime. Deeyah was awarded 10,000 US dollars as third place winner, which gives her a financial opportunity to continue her work for freedom of expression. The prize recognizes artists who use their talents in promoting empathy and understanding and confronting discrimination and oppression.  FREEMUSE

HIJAB debate lifts veil on limit’s of Norway’s tolerance: A Muslim woman’s request to wear a hijab with her police uniform has sparked national controversy.

Norway’s biggest headache right now is a religious dilemma over the right of a Muslim woman to wear a hijab as part of her police uniform. As the controversy has escalated, the country has seen the physical collapse of the justice minister, the public burning of a hijab, and a substantial rise in the popularity of Norway’s anti-immigrant opposition party just six months before general elections.

The dilemma began last fall when a Norwegian Muslim woman petitioned for permission to wear her hijab, the traditional head covering for Muslim women, as part of her police uniform. Norway’s justice ministry originally decided in February to allow it, but revoked the permission a few weeks later after loud criticism from the police union, which argued it breached the neutrality of the uniform.

Progress Party leader Siv Jensen spoke out strongly at the party’s national meeting last month against granting special permission for special groups. She pointed specifically to the case of a largely Muslim neighborhood in Malmö, which she claimed had been partly overrun by Islamic law. CS MONITOR

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