GREAT BRITAIN COZIES UP TO TERRORISTS, throws Israel under the bus

Islamic terrorists bent on Israel’s destruction are welcomed by the UK, but Dutch MP and producer of the anti-Islam film, Fitna, Geert Wilders’ entry was banned. To see where ISLAMObama is going with Israel, just look at the Brits. 


HAMAS leader to address British lawmakers

Claire Short, a former British minister of international development who is organizing Wednesday’s meeting, drew criticism from the British government, the opposition and the Israeli government.Short, who resigned from the Blair government over the war in Iraq, organized the scheduled session during a visit to Damascus. She has been a longtime critic of Israel.

The Damascus-based Mashaal is the head of Hamas’ political bureau and is considered to be the main decision-maker in the Islamic fundamentalist organization.

A spokeswoman for the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office said that the members of parliament who plan to talk to Mashaal are doing so in a “private capacity,” adding that “there are no plans for any government contacts.” “We do not believe it is productive to talk to Hamas directly,” said the spokeswoman, adding that “Hamas is a terrorist organization. They fire rockets at innocent civilians. They put ordinary Palestinians in harms way. They murder and maim their political opponents. We believe that to talk to Hamas directly at this time would simply undermine those Palestinians who are committed to peace.  JTA

HIZBOLLAH MP to visit Britain

March 28, 2009–A Hizbullah member of Lebanon’s Parliament will hold a rare meeting with British parliamentarians in London this week, the group announced Saturday. 

 The visit follows an announcement by Britain’s Foreign Office last month that it has contacted Hizbullah’s political wing in an attempt to reach out to its legislators. It said its ultimate aim is to encourage the group to abandon violence and play a constructive political role in the deeply divided country.

 A spokeswoman, speaking anonymously in line with government policy, said the decision “is consistent with the government’s policy of exploring contacts with members of Hizbullah’s political wing.” She added that there are no plans for official meetings with government ministers, only parliamentarians. Hizbullah officials told The Associated Press last month that they welcomed talks with Britain but insisted the talks take place publicly.


Britain reviews arms exports to Israel

During Israel’s military operation in Gaza earlier this year, British lawmakers had demanded that the government ensure its weapons parts were not used against Palestinians. At the time, Foreign Secretary David Miliband promised to look into the issue, and on Tuesday he issued a written statement detailing all direct and indirect arms exports from the United Kingdom to Israel.

In his statement Miliband promised that all export licenses would be reviewed “in light of recent events in Gaza,” adding that all future applications to export arms to Israel also will be assessed with the Gaza conflict in mind.

Miliband indicated that Britain’s military export to Israel amounts to less than 1 percent of Israel’s import of military equipment, including the export of components for American-made planes that end up in the Jewish state.  JTA

London hall cancels Israeli event

The Bloomsbury Theatre in the central part of the British city informed the Zionist Federation of Britain of its decision on Tuesday. The event scheduled for next week will take place at a different venue that the federation has not disclosed. The federation’s annual celebration this year was to have an Israel Defense Forces choir, invited to Britain by the Israeli Embassy in London, to perform at the main memorial event to Israeli soldiers who died in Israel’s wars.

“A number of groups had contacted the Bloomsbury to protest the show,” said a spokeswoman for the theater, adding “Obviously, we couldn’t have them perform here.”

Chris Doyle, director of the Council for Arab-British Understanding, said that holding the show “is akin to singing and dancing on the graves of the 400 Palestinian children that the IDF was responsible for killing in January. We should not be permitting a dance troupe from an army currently under a U.N. investigation for possible war crimes to be coming to the United Kingdom. It is sick.”

Some of those objecting to the performance already have announced that they would demonstrate by the new venue once they find out the details.  JTA