At last! TAKE-NO-PRISONERS JEW confronts STEALTH MUSLIM's anti-Israel agenda


Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu

NETANYAHU TO ISLAMObama: “NO Palestinian peace deal until Iran no longer poses a nuclear threat.”

JERUSALEM, Wednesday, April 22, 2009— The new Israeli government will not move ahead on the core issues of peace talks with the Palestinians until it sees progress in U.S. efforts to stop Iran’s suspected pursuit of a nuclear weapon and limit Tehran’s rising influence in the region, according to top government officials familiar with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s developing policy on the issue.
“It’s a crucial condition if we want to move forward,” said Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon, a member of the Israeli parliament and former ambassador to the United States. “If we want to have a real political process with the Palestinians, then you can’t have the Iranians undermining and sabotaging.”

The emerging Israeli position, a significant change from that of previous governments, presents a challenge for President Obama, who has made quick progress on Palestinian statehood a key foreign policy goal. Obama is also trying to begin engagement with Iran as part of a broad effort to slow its nuclear program and curtail its growing strength in the Middle East.  
While Israeli officials have long expressed concern about Iran, Netanyahu views the threat from Tehran as so acute that he is shaping Israel’s policy toward the Palestinians around that issue — a shift in approach that effectively puts Palestinian statehood after resolution of a complicated regional and international issue. Netanyahu has compared Iran’s regional ambitions to Germany’s in 1938 and has assembled a government that shares his view. Netanyahu’s national security adviser, Uzi Arad, has publicly urged the United States to take stronger action against the Islamic state and has equated diplomatic engagement with Iran to “appeasement.”  WASHINGTON POST  

Frankly, I am surprised that Israel is SHOCKED by ISLAMObama’s approval of large Turkish arms sale to Lebanon. This is just the first step in Obama’s plan to stop selling weapons to Israel while arming all of Israel enemies.


DEBKAfile quotes senior Israeli military circles as staggered by the discovery that US president Barack Obama had approved a large Turkish arms sale to the Lebanese army, including the services of Turkish military instructors. This was taken as further proof that the US president is deaf to Israel’s immediate security concerns. Lebanese president Gen. Michel Suleiman has more than once threatened neighboring Israel. When he signed the arms deal in Ankara Tuesday, April 21, he once again pledged publicly to place the Lebanese army at the disposal of the Shiite terrorist Hizballah in any confrontation with Israel.

If that happened, said one Israeli source, Israel could find itself under attack not just by Hizballah as in the past, but by a Lebanese army, well trained and armed by Turkey. He noted that more than 50 percent of Lebanon’s fighting manpower are Shiites loyal to Hizballah.

The conviction is growing in Jerusalem that the US president endorsed the transaction as a means of breaking up the long-standing military pact between Israel and Turkey, because it interferes with his Middle East objectives. Our sources note that neither Washington nor Ankara bothered to inform Israel of the transaction or its scope.  DEBKA


Fat Old Hillary is just chock full of warnings today, this one’s for Israel.

April 23, 2009–U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cautioned Israel’s right-wing government on Thursday that it risked losing Arab support for fighting any threats from Iran if it shuns Palestinian peace talks.(As if they ever had any support from the Arabs, other than the Arabs own self-serving interest in  fighting the threat of Iran)

Signaling U.S. impatience with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s reticence over peace talks, Clinton said Arab nations had made clear to her that Israel must be committed to the Palestinian peace process if it wants help countering Iran.”For Israel to get the kind of strong support it is looking for vis-a-vis Iran, it can’t stay on the sidelines with respect to the Palestinians and the peace efforts. They go hand in hand,” she told the House of Representatives Appropriations Committee.
Lawmakers put pressure on Clinton over a funding request for the Palestinians, saying there must be strong assurances that none of the money would go to the militant group Hamas if it were included in a future unity government under discussion. Clinton said the State Department would carefully track assistance and additional steps being taken to ensure that no U.S. taxpayer money goes to Hamas. (HAH!) “No aid will flow to Hamas or any entity controlled by Hamas,” she added. (HAH!)  Clinton reiterated that the Obama administration expected any new government that included Hamas to meet three international conditions – to recognize Israel, renounce violence and sign on to previous Palestinian peace accords. (HAH!  HAH!  HAH!)
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