ISLAMIC leader BLAMES ISLAMISTS for wars with Israel…but liberal JEWS BLAME ISRAEL

“Hamas and Hezbollah have lit up the fire of recent wars with Israel that have resulted in pain and suffering for their people.”

Cairo, 22 April (AKI) – The Egyptian Islamic Jihad leader, Sayed Imam Abdel Aziz Sharif, has blamed Islamist movements in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon for recent wars.  He expressed his views in the second part of his latest book, ‘The Gaza Shirt’, published from his prison cell at al-Aqrab in southern Egypt, according to a report in the Arab daily, al-Sharq al-Awsat. He strongly criticised both groups for their actions.”Their way of acting and governing is in strong contrast with what the Prophet Mohammed did. During his time there were many disenfranchised and oppressed Muslims in Mecca, however, the prophet never declared holy war at the beginning,” said Sharif.

Sharif said what the Islamist Hamas movement did during the latest Israeli offensive in Gaza “has nothing to do with Islam” and said Islamist movements should “take responsibility and assess whether they are capable of fighting a war before unleashing it.”

Egypt’s Foreign Minister blamed Hamas for the the Gaza War, too.

Yet American liberal Jews, who really are no better than the Islamists or the Nazis themselves, blame Israel. Did you observe Passover? The Huffington Post (April 9) headlined a piece by Rabbi Michael Lerner,“Pharaohs Can’t Celebrate Passover.” If you supported Israel’s Gaza war, the pharaoh is you. According to several recent political cartoons, if you support Israel, Hitler is you, too.

Rabbi Lerner, leader of the Jewish Renewal movement and editor of Tikkun, writes, Passover has “become a problem for many Jews. … Millions of Jews have been watching Israel’s role in Gaza and the West Bank with particular horror this year.The “wildly disproportionate response of the Israeli army… has shocked and dismayed many Jews whose identification with their Jewishness came primarily through their commitment to its ethical teachings.” (No, their ‘Jewishness’ has nothing to do with Judaism, but with Communism)

He adds, the newly elected Israeli leaders, “whose campaign was filled with racist attacks on Arab citizens … have pushed many American Jews to question how they can celebrate Passover with a full heart this year. As several congregants put it to me, ‘We Jews have become Pharaoh to the Palestinian people — so we would be hypocrites to sit around our Passover table celebrating our own freedom, rejoicing at the way the Egyptians were stricken with plagues and their first born killed, while ignoring what Israel is doing today in the name of the Jewish people.’(Why don’t you go live with your IslamiFascist friends so you could kill each other) Jewish World Review



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