How quickly they fall: UK 'and' EU Judges could be forced to bow to Islamic Shari'a Law

An EU plan is calling for family courts across Europe to hear cases using the laws of whichever country the couple involved have close links.

That could mean a court in England handling a case within the French legal framework, or even applying the laws of Saudi Arabia to a husband and wife living in Britain. 

The Centre for Social Justice think tank today attacked the so-called Rome III reform as ludicrous. It warned it would slow down cases, increase costs and lead to unjust results. 

However, in a report it says existing arrangements are ‘anti-family’. Currently, a couple from different EU states can have their divorce heard in the first country where one of them files divorce papers. 

Because different states offer varying financial advantages to spouses in terms of division of wealth, the resulting ‘race to court’ in the best jurisdiction discourages couples from trying to save their marriage, it says. 

The report calls for a simpler solution, with each country applying its own laws and cases being heard in the country where the couple have the closest connection. 

At least nine EU states – not including the UK – are said to want to push ahead with the Rome III plan.


“Allah will grant victory to Islam in Europe without swords or bombs or military conquest.”

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This just in: UK promotes LONDON as center for global ISLAMIC FINANCE. 27 April 2009

The Islamic Sukuk market received a potentially major boost in the UK budget 2009 announced by Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling in the House of Commons last week.

The chancellor confirmed in his budget statement three further measures on alternative finance instruments (the euphemism for Islamic finance referred to in the UK legislation) as part of the ongoing drive to promote the UK as a center for Islamic finance. EUROPE NEWS

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