Another good reason NOT TO GO to Great Britain

Fast food chain KFC converts eight London restaurants to HALAL (Islam approved)-ONLY menu.

KFC is to start serving halal-only chicken in a number of its outlets. The fast-food chain is trialling the move in areas with large Muslim populations. 

The halal branches will also remove the Big Daddy burger from the menu as it contains bacon, which Muslims cannot eat.  

And if the scheme is a success the company is expected to introduce it in dozens more branches across the country. So far eight London outlets have made the move to sell only halal chicken. They have all been approved by the Halal Food Authority. 

KFC says it has only converted branches where there are other non-halal ones within a two-mile radius. Marketing chief Jennelle Tilling said the move was designed to make KFC ‘available to a broader range of customers’. 

In February, Domino’s Pizza converted an outlet in Birmingham to be halal-only but the move prompted complaints from several customers who were not able to order pizzas containing pepperoni, sausage, meatballs or bacon. (Not that anybody cares, only what Muzscum want counts now)

For meat to be halal the animal must be killed by having its throat cut by a Muslim and any blood flowing from the carcass must be completely drained.(I’d prefer to cut a Muslim’s throat and watch the blood drain out of England).  UK DAILY MAIL

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