U.S. says Pakistani Government must NOT be allowed to fail

Then why did President ISLAMObama approve the deal that gave the Taliban control of the SWAT Valley? How long until this terrorist sympathizer makes a deal to give his Taliban buddies control of part of this country?

Taliban say they have an army of 2000 suicide bombers. Residents across various cities and villages in Pakistan’s Swat valley are evacuating their homes ahead of an imminent military operation to rout the Taliban militia in the region. The Taliban has been slowly gaining control of Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier Provinces. The Swat valley, once a popular tourist destination, has now become a Taliban stronghold. Our Observer in the Swat valley’s main town of Mingora says preparations are underway for a full-blown operation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Pakistan’s SWAT Valley was once a booming tourist destination.Now, it is a Sharia law tribal land where hooded gunmen patrol the streets and the Taliban run everything.

OBAMA’S friends in the Taliban say they would welcome Osama bin Laden.

Pakistani people out in the streets protesting  against Taliban violence and killings.

The common man is furious at the government for handing over control to the Taliban, which Obama approved.

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