British Muslims have more confidence in the UK than British citizens do

Gee, I wonder if that’s because Britain has bent over and sacrificed its native population to Shari’a Law and the will of Allah?

May 7, 2009

British Muslims identify with the UK far more than the general public, according to research published today.

More than three-quarters of British Muslims, 77 per cent, said that they identified with the UK, compared with half of the overall population.

The survey by Gallup and the Coexist Foundation showed that more than eight out of 10, 82 per cent, of British Muslims thought that Muslims in this country were loyal, but just over a third, 36 per cent, of the general public considered Muslims to be loyal.

The report also showed that British Muslims have more confidence in British institutions such as the courts, elections, financial bodies and the media. (Now that Shari’a Law and Shari’a Finance are up and running)

Confidence in the military was the only area where British Muslims scored lower than the general public. (And that’s because they despise British soldiers who are killing their Muslim brothers in two 2 wars)

The report also highlighted the huge gulf between Muslims and non-Muslims on issues such as homosexuality, abortion and sex outside marriage.

According to the report, The Gallup Coexist Index 2009: A Global Study of Interfaith Relations, all British Muslims believe homosexual acts are not morally acceptable compared to four out of 10 of the general public.

Muslims in Britain were also more hardline on this issue than elsewhere in Europe.

Other findings were that:

» On abortion, 55 per cent of the British public said it was acceptable, compared with 5 per cent of Muslims.

» On viewing pornography, 35 per cent of the public thought it was acceptable, compared with 1 per cent of Muslims.

» On sex between an unmarried man and woman, 82 per cent of the public said it was morally acceptable, compared with 3 per cent of Muslims.

» On suicide, 32 per cent of the public said it was morally acceptable, compared with 2 per cent of Muslims. (Now that’s a real shocker)

“Muslims are often asked to demonstrate that they embrace the more liberal sexual values that exist in Europe to be considered fully fledged members of society, while overlooking that many other Europeans reject such values,” the report says.

Gallup surveyed more than 1,000 members of the public by telephone and carried out more than 500 face-to-face interviews with Muslims living in areas where the Muslim population was more than 5 per cent.

The report says: “Since 9/11 and the terrorist attacks in Madrid and London, mistrust toward European Muslims has become palpable. Significant segments of European societies openly express doubt that Muslim fellow nationals are loyal citizens.

“The general construct of this premise rests on an oversimplified and erroneous understanding of Islam and terrorism.”  TIMES ONLINE   

And soon the UK will have a Muslim (terrorist?) Prime Minister.


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