Muslims are NOT loyal to the UK say 66% of Brits

Britons respond to the outrageous claim that British Muslims are more loyal to the UK than British citizens.

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Only 36% of us think we can trust them, says a new Gallup poll.

And inter-race experts fear the image of peaceful Muslims has been seriously damaged by a few ranting fundamentalists, such as Anjem Choudary, 41, and Abu Izzadeen, 33.
(Crap! It’s a lot more than just a few fanatics)

Douglas Murray, director of the Centre for Social Cohesion, told the Daily Star:
“There are many people who don’t feel it’s their country any more. There is a very considerable feeling of alienation among white Brits. “All the major decisions that have been taken on big subjects like immigration and Europe have been made without asking their opinions.”

He went on: “It’s not surprising that a large percentage of non-Muslims think Muslims are not loyal.
Every day we see reports of Muslims who are trying to attack this country.

“It’s very hard to do a positive spin on 7/7 or the Luton protests. “It’s not surprising people see a link between fundamentalists and the wider Muslim community.”

The poll also found that up to a fifth of Muslim residents felt no allegiance to Britain.“This means up to half a million,” said Mr Murray. “It’s in this pool that terrorists can find their recruitment area.” (A very rich pool indeed)

British Muslims also tend to hold more conservative views than their counterparts in the rest of Europe. They are more strongly against gays, abortion, pornography, suicide and sex outside marriage. Only 3% of Muslims here believe sex before marriage is permissible. (Gee, I wonder what percentage think beheadings are permissible or suicide bombings for jihad?)

Mr Murray said: “We have to be better in this country at saying who we are so that people know who they are. We need to come down stronger on people. 
“It’s not a pick-and-choose buffet. If you live in Britain you have to adopt and accept this way of life.

“The biggest mistake we’ve made in this country is to encourage people to live in separate communities. It means that people not only don’t feel loyalty but they feel they don’t have to feel loyalty.”

Despite the figures, Dalia Mogahed, executive director of the Gallup Centre for Muslim Studies, said: “British Muslims want to be part of the wider community and contribute to society.”  (HAH!)   UK DAILY STAR

Can’t you just feel the love from these UK Muslims?

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