HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! "I raised my son to die an early death."

“And now I can’t wait for my other kids to become martyrs for Allah.” Notice how she’s not volunteering herself for martrydom.

To be sure, no one more fully embodies the Hamas ethos — and the ethos of infanticide that permeates contemporary Palestinian culture as a whole — than Mariam Farhat, a mother who wills the death of her own children and the children of others. The New York Times recently identified her as “the mother of three Hamas supporters killed by Israelis.” The Times added that “she bade one son goodbye in a homemade videotape before he stormed an Israeli settlement, killing five people, then being shot dead. She said later, in a much-publicized quotation, that she wished she had 100 sons to sacrifice that way. Known as the ‘mother of martyrs,’ she was seen in a campaign video toting a gun.”  

Listen to the sympathy in pro-terrorist interviewer Lisa Ling’s voice.  

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ANOTHER MOTHER. This one an Iraqi martyr’s mother. Sorry but I can’t feel anything for her pain, only that I wish she would join her son.  


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Mothers of Lebanese Hizbullah “Martyrs: ” We Are Very Happy And Want to Sacrifice More Children.”

Sacrifice yourselves, bitches.    


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