Gotta love the Italians for arresting 2 MUSLIM TERRORISTS ALREADY IN JAIL for plotting attack on Charles DeGaulle Airport, Paris.

Al Qaeda Suspects May Have Plotted Paris DeGaulle Attack from Jail.


Bassam Ayachi and Raphael Frederic Gendron (AP Photo)
Bassam Ayachi and Raphael Frederic Gendron (AP Photo)

Investigators Allegedly Overheard Cellmates Speak of Using Airplanes, Grenades in Terror Operation



ROME, Italy — Italian authorities on Tuesday delivered arrest warrants for international terrorism to two French citizens suspected of being important Al Qaeda representatives in Europe.

Dubbed the Sheik and the Engineer by the Italian press, the two men – Bassam Ayachi, 63, a Syrian-born with French citizen, and Marcel Gendron, 34, a French engineer converted to Islam – were already being held in prison in Bari,Italy on charges of organizing illegal immigration.

Investigators placed microphones inside the prison cell they shared.

According to the Italian paper La Repubblica, apparently aware that someone might try to listen, the men spoke in low voices and interrupted phrases and would turn up the volume of the TV in their cell at crucial times. Nonetheless a pool of 14 translators helped decipher the taped conversations in Arabic and French, which investigators say show the men were actively planning terrorist attacks in Europe – with talk of “a ton of grenades” and a plane attack on Charles De Gaulle airport.

Click here to see some of their conversations: ABC NEWS

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