Guess who's running for office? A PRO-TERRORIST MUSLIM AMERICAN


Muslim Brotherhood Logo
Muslim Brotherhood Logo

In a speech at a Muslim American Society –MAS- ( a front group for the terrorist organization The Muslim Brotherhood), Dr. Esam Omeish stated that either Islam will “become the dominant religion of the next century” or “we may be forcibly rejected from the West because of forces of intolerance, racism, and bigotry.”



Esam Omeish
Esam Omeish

 While several speakers from the Muslim American Society spoke of a dual identity, being American and Muslim,Omeish’s charged rhetoric was distinctly Islamist. Islamists believe Islam is not merely a private faith, but a religious-political movement that should be the basis for governing society.

Fast forward to 2009. Omeish is now a candidate for the 35th district of the Virginia House of Delegates.Omeish’s candidacy draws across-the-board scrutiny on the difference between American Muslims and Islamists.

Omeish now brings this rhetoric to the voters of Virginia’s 35th district, who, on June 9th, will decide whether Omeish should represent them as the Democrat Party candidate. It is critical that Virginians examine Omeish’s previous public statements and question his allegiances to determine whether they are in conflict with the duties he will assume should he be elected.

Islamism was founded by Egyptian Hasan al-Banna and the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928. PresidentBarack Obama has called this desire for a global caliphate “repressive.” Omeish, it seems, feels otherwise. In a 2004 letter from Omeish while president of MAS to the Washington Post, he stated that “the influence of Muslim Brotherhood ideas has been instrumental in defining our understanding of Islam within the American and Western context.”

An online video captured Omeish calling for “the Jihad way.” He was subsequently forced to resign from his appointment to a Virginia immigration commission in 2007.

Recently, on April 11, 2009, in Oakton, Virginia, Omeish held a “meet the voters” rally, where he publicly stated Sharia is “wonderful” for the rest of the world. FAMILY SECURITY MATTERS  


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