The anti-Islamization rally in Germany that should be duplicated in every city with a significant Muslim population

Anti-Islamization rally  in Germany was organized by Pro-Koeln–a citizen movement concerned by the Islamization of their city. Among the participants were several European Right-wing Nationalist parties , Christians, Jews, and Israelis.

It was a peaceful gathering , however the agitators–Far Left groups and the Greens– demonstrate in violence, attempting to disturb, shouting “Nazi Raus.” Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs would have been in this agitators group.

From the Flip DeWinter speech:

“And the violence, the attempts to silence us, the smears of ‘racism’ and ‘fascism’ against respectable citizens who are opposed to the Islamisation of their town, that is unacceptable to Cologne and to Germany.

Dear friends, multiculturalism is the Islamic Trojan horse, and mass immigration has led to our European identity and civilisation being threatened, and multiculturalism has also led to the loss of our pride in our own cultural identity and uniqueness. The Islamisation of Europe spreads further every day, yet almost no one dares to protest through fear of the intellectual and psychological terror from the Left.

Friends, Islam is like a cuckoo which lays its eggs in the European nest, and multiculturalism forces us to nurture these Islam-eggs. The eyes of the political elites will only be opened when they are pushed out of the nest.”

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Thanks to JD of for sending me Andrea Bolchini’s speech:


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