You know how it goes, "First they came for the Jews….

…and I said nothing because I wasn’t a Jew.” Then they came for Michael Savage and most people said nothing because they are not controversial radio talk show hosts. Now they are coming for a prominent conservative blogger and we should all say something because eventually they will come for us too.

U.S. Attorney’s office tells employees not to log on to The Drudge Report



The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Massachusetts directed employees earlier this month not to log onto the Drudge Reportwebsite with government-issuedcomputersdue to potential viruses on the site.

In an e-mail message sent May 4, Paul Harvey, an information-technology official for the Boston office, wrote that security specialists with the U.S. Attorney’s Office at the Department of Justice asked them “to reformat/reimage twocomputersbecause the user visited the site.”

“Please avoid theDrudgereportwebsite from the [United States Attorney’s Office] computers,” Harvey wrote.

Harvey said that if employees had a “work-related reason to visit the site,” access could be provided off the government network.

Asked why the conservative-leaning news aggregator and President Barack Obama critic was flagged byInternetsecurityofficials, Tracy Schmaler, aDepartment of Justicespokeswoman, said it was because “a malicious code was found contained in a Web ad on Drudge.”

Schmaler also said the request to stay off Drudge wasn’t politically motivated and said it was sent only to the office in Massachusetts. She also said other popular sites were later found to have potential viruses, including
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