TALIBAN go on a KILLING SPREE – targeting Christians

The Taliban have turned on Christians with a vengeance because of the ongoing army offensive against the Islamic militants in Pakistan.

Furious over the US and Pakistan’s military operations in Swat Valley, the Taliban attacked a Christian colony, causing fear and panic among its members and forcing them to join 200,000 others fleeing the town. In Karachi, a growing foothold of the Taliban, there were reports of an attack on a Christian slum by extremists.

Pastor Salim Sadiq of Holy Spirit Church in Karachi told Christian Today that Christian homes were pounded by Islamic extremists who have vowed to avenge for “the suffering of their brotherhood in NWFP area.” “They barged into our homes shouting ‘death to infidels’ and beat us, hurling murderous threats if we don’t convert to Islam,” Sadiq recalled.

He lamented, “Christians have no voice here. We have been suffering from ages like this under the staunch Muslim militants who rape our daughters, burn our churches, and raze down our homes.”  

CHRISTIAN TODAY viaThe Religion of Peace   


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