"I hate those f***ing Jewish bastards"

In arguing against bail, Assistant U.S. Attorney Eric Snyder told the judge they were “disappointed…that the best target (the World Trade Center) was hit already,” he said, adding that the men were “eager to bring death to Jews.” He also said Cromitie wanted to see what he did on TV and be able to say, “I’m the one who did that.”

Suspect James Cromitie, a k a Abdul Rahman, in custody early this morning. I hate those f - - -ing Jewish bastards, he allegedly spewed.
Suspect James Cromitie, a k a Abdul Rahman, in custody early this morning. "I hate those f - - -ing Jewish bastards," he allegedly spewed.

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — Four men arrested after planting what they thought were explosives near two New York City synagogues were disappointed that the World Trade Center wasn’t still around to attack, a federal prosecutor said Thursday as the men appeared in court for the first time.

The suspects were arrested Wednesday night, shortly after planting a 37-pound mock explosive device in the trunk of a car outside the Riverdale Temple and two mock bombs in the backseat of a car outside the Riverdale Jewish Center, another synagogue a few blocks away, authorities said. Police blocked their escape with an 18-wheel truck, smashing their tinted SUV windows and apprehending the unarmed suspects. 

Authorities said the men also plotted to shoot down a military plane. Lawyers for the defendants, all of whom are U.S. citizens, did not seek bail.

James Cromitie, 55; David Williams, 28; Onta Williams, 32; and Laguerre Payen, all of Newburgh, were charged with conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction within the United States and conspiracy to acquire and use anti-aircraft missiles.

NYC Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly  said, “They stated that they wanted to commit jihad,” and he believed the men knew each other through prison. (Where Obama wants to send the Gitmo terrorists) An official told The Associated Press that three of the men are converts to Islam.

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EARLIER STORY: 4-muslim-home-grown-terrorists-arrested-in-plot-to-bomb-nyc-synagogue-and-take-down-an-air-national-guard-plane

Congressman Peter King (R-NY) discusses the plot and Islamic Homegrown Terrorism.

King has been advocating for a long time that the DHS should be targeting mosques, even though his liberal critics call it “raaaaaacist!”

What an opportune time for Dick Cheney to remind us how dangerous it is to minimize the threat of terrorism on this country. 

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