Hey ISLAMObama, take your ‘peace’ plan with the Arabs and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

May 23, 2009-(IsraelNN.com) “Jerusalem was always ours, and will never again be divided,” said Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Thursday in a speech in honor of Jerusalem Day.

Netanyahu spoke at Ammunition Hill, a memorial for Israeli soldiers who fell in battle during the Six Day War. The war ended the Jordanian occupation of historic Jerusalem and led to the reunification of the city.

“You, who fought to liberate Jerusalem, removed the strangulating hold over the city with your bodies,” Netanyahu said, addressing the fallen soldiers. “You reunited the city and allowed Jerusalem to flourish once again.”

Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem benefits Muslims and Christians as well as Jews, Netanyahu said. “Only under Israeli sovereignty is continued freedom of worship and free access to Christian, Muslim and Jewish holy sites guaranteed,” he stated.

“Only thus can members of all faiths and all minority groups continue to live in security.” “Jerusalem was and remains the capital of Israel. Israel has never had another capital city, and Jerusalem has never been the capital city of another people,” he told the crowd. ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS

The infamous Obama flip-flop on Jerusalem.

And you can also take your IslamoFascist idea of flying the UN Flag over the Western (Wailing) Wall and stick it in the same place.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed at the Mercaz HaRav yeshiva in Jerusalem Thursday night that the Israeli flag will continue to fly over the Western (Wailing) Wall. The first prime minister in years to appear at the venerable yeshiva on Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day), he ignored U.S. President Barack Obama’s apparent trial balloon that he wants to see the United Nations flag fly over the Old City holy sites.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II said the president put forward the proposal during his visit to the White House last month. Prime Minister Netanyahu declared, “The flag that flies over the (Western Wall) is the Israeli flag… Our holy places, the Temple Mount — will remain under Israeli sovereignty forever.”  ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS

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