4 'HONOR' KILLINGS a week – And Turkey is the country Obama is pushing for membership in the EU?

Local villagers and this young woman’s own family members say they thought her husband’s family’s decision to torture and murder  her was correct because “she deserved it” and needed to be taught “a lesson.”

23-year-old Yildiz A. was stabbed in the stomach six or seven times and her nose and ears and part of her lip cut off, then she was dumped in a field. She managed to crawl to the road and was spotted by a minibus driver who took her to the hospital where she is in intensive care. According to the newspapers, Yildiz A. was married and accused of having a relationship with another man, so a “family council” was called and it was decided to kill her to “cleanse the family’s honor.”

The woman’s husband had gone off to work in construction in Izmir. His relatives accused his wife of having a secret relationship with one of her relatives while her husband was gone. The husband’s relatives called on Bayram A. to return, and held a “family council” that made a “kill” decision. Hearing of this, the young woman, Yildiz A., went to the security forces to ask for protection. They took her under their protection and arranged to send her to the nearby town of Agri, but her husband convinced them that his wife was slandering him. The security forces returned Yildiz A. to her husband. He then took her to the family where she was tortured and left for dead. KAMIL PASHA via Religion of Peace