SUDAN: "For 5 days, Arab Muslims forced me to carry the sawed-off head of a child while it rotted in my hands"

The politics of slavery and genocide in Sudan. Over 200,000 are held as slaves in Southern Sudan. More than 2 million have been killed by the Sudanese Muslim government.

My Slave, My Infidel is the story of the indigenous non-Arab Sudanese tribes in South Sudan and the western region of Darfur who are victimized by the Sudan government and their illegal militias who abduct slaves in the wake of the terror of Jihad.  Under the guise of civil war, the National Islamic Front government of Sudan declared Islamic Jihad against the infidels South Sudan that was further fueled by the discovery of oil in the borderlands. According to the Q’oran, an element of the Jihad calls for the enslavement of the Infidel.