GREECE: Awwwww, poor Muslims wonder why they can't build their mosque

Every day over 700 000 Muslims visit the illegal mosques in Athens, where under wretched conditions, as seen on the photo, religious rituals are executed.

The bill for building a legal Muslim mosque is sinking under dust on the many desks of the different ministries, which were supposed to approve and discuss it in the parliament. The Muslim communities claim that the €15 million, which were meant for the construction of the mosque, have disappeared. Similar is the situation with the Muslin graveyard in Athens, which continues not to exist and today’s Mohamed followers are forced to travel to Komotini in Northern Greece in order to bury their relatives.

What is the problem with the project? The Ministry of Educations & Religions is responsible for the construction of the mosque but the construction needs to be done on a property owned by the Ministry of Defense. Based on the project, in order to build the mosque there need to be 36 decares available but the Defense Ministry does not want to give more then 16, because nearby there is a navy base.

Due to the lack of an official mosque in Athens there are 130 illegal masques, in which masses are reserved for months ahead. There, many burial rituals are handled and children learn the Koran. Because the mosques work at night too, some of them are perfectly suitable for the fundamentalists, as the Greek Anti-terrorist services warned. GR Reporter

Maybe this is why? Muslims riot in Greece over charges that a policeman ripped up a copy of the Qur’an.

Or this? Muslims rioting against Greek police.

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