Stop Using the Word ‘Islam’ in Reports on Terrorism, Islamic Bloc Says

And apparently, American schools are eager to comply: ‘Islamic’ Terrorism Left Out of Classroom Textbooks.

If the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) had its way, media reporting on terrorist activity would exclude “any reference to Islam” – whatever the affiliation, identity or motivation of the perpetrators.

The bloc of Islamic nations, which is spearheading a drive at the United Nations to have the “defamation” of Islam outlawed, voiced criticism about media coverage of terrorist attacks. “It is frustrating to see some circles, still, maliciously trying to establish conceptual link between such evil and wicked practices and Islam, the religion that condemns, scorns and outlaws them,” it said. The OIC described the perpetrators of such attacks as “deviant and fanatic individuals.”  The OIC also complained that “generalization of the guilt of a few aberrant misguided individuals” amounted to the collective punishment of Islam’s 1.3 billion adherents. CNS NEWS

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