Is this why the British Foreign Secretary is pushing the EU to grant membership to the Islamic state of Turkey?

David Milbrand, Foreign Secretary, has called for the “immediate and unconditional” release of five British hostages held in Iraq for nearly two years.

European Union should embrace ‘new Turkey’ – Britain’s Milliband

ANKARA: Britain reaffirmed its support for Turkey’s bid to join the EU, despite opposition from leaders in France and Germany who say the Muslim country is too poor and too culturally different to fit into the bloc. Foreign Secretary David Miliband told Reuters Ankara’s full European Union membership would bring economic dynamism into the bloc, help solve its energy-security problems and build closer ties between the West and the Muslim world.

“Britain is more convinced than it has ever been that the strategic decision to support Turkey’s accession to the European Union is the right one,” Miliband said late on Tuesday. “It is good for Europe as well as for Turkey. Ankara’s bid faces stiff opposition from some member states due to hostile public opinion. The negotiations have also been held up by European concerns over human rights, the slow pace of reforms and by the dispute over the division of Cyprus. UK DAILY STAR




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