Why did her Arab boyfriend leave her behind in the car to burn to death?

Or maybe we should be asking why did she have an Arab (Muslim?) boyfriend in the first place?

The mother of the teenage girl who burned to death in a crashed car has hit out at her ‘despicable’ boyfriend who left her to die.

Waqas Arshad*, 24, crashed into a tree but told emergency services there was nobody inside, despite knowing 17-year-old Emily Brady was trapped in the burning wreckage. 

Yesterday, Miss Brady’s mother Patricia said: ‘It was despicable behaviour to make no attempt to try and pull her out of the car.’ It was only as firefighters tackled the blaze that they realised the teenager was in the car, still strapped into the passenger seat.

Arshad, of Luton, pleaded guilty yesterday to causing death by careless driving while over the alcohol limit, and causing death by driving while uninsured. 

Speaking outside Luton Crown Court today Mrs Brady, 48, said the family were shocked at hearing Arshad had left his girlfriend in the car and made no effort to help her. She said Emily was a full-time student at college, training to be an accountant, and worked on Saturdays at Sainsburys.

‘However, I am shocked and distressed to learn at this hearing that Waqas Arshad denied she was in the car, made no attempt to rescue her, and in fact lied to the emergency services that she was in the car, trying to conceal her body.’

‘She did not die as a result of the injuries received in the collision, which included two broken vertebrae, but she died as a result of carbonisation.’ UK DAILY MAIL


*I looked up the name Waqas Arshad, it’s Arabic. And as an Arab he must have figured, she was only a woman, after all, why bother saving her? Or maybe he was trying to cover up the fact that he was drinking alcohol? Sounds like he should try to get Teddy Kennedy’s lawyer.