Hillary Clinton goes all postal on Israel

I wonder if she called Netanyahu a “Jew bastard” as she often said about Jews when she was first lady?

Before the US elections, Hillary Clinton was touted as a supporter of Israel. Not anymore. Clinton repeatedly lashed out against Israel. This time, Clinton announced that the sovereign state of Israel must stop the settlement construction, which Obama has made clear to Israel. She reiterated that Obama wants to see a stop to the settlements. Clinton rejected even the natural-growth exception. Obama agreed to the Arab demand that Israel pull back into the indefensible 1948 borders.


Tel Aviv – Israel is beginning construction of the first completely new Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank in more than a decade, Peace Now said Monday. Contractors toured the site of the new Maskiyot settlement Sunday morning, after the regional settler council issued a tender for the construction of 20 new homes on it, said the Israeli settlements watchdog. Maskiyot, located in the Jordan Valley at some 20 km east of Nablus, would be the first new settlement to be built in the West Bank in 13 years. It would also be the first new settlement in the Jordan Valley in 26 years. Expansion work also began Monday on the Jewish settlement of Nokdim, the home of ultra-nationalist Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, Israel Army Radio reported. No further details were immediately available. THAINDIAN NEWS

A few questions both Clinton and Obama should be forced to answer about the so-called ‘Palestinians.’

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