Barack HUSSEIN Obama's outreach to the Muslim World is a good time to reflect on Muslims' outreach to our world

President Obama says he will use next week’s speech in Egypt as an effort “to improve the United States’ image in the Muslim world.”

Our friend Chris from ISLAM IN ACTION reminds us that Obama said he plans to discuss his country’s outreach to Muslims around the world and the contributions of Muslims in the United States. So here’s a ten point list Obama might want to add to his teleprompter.

1. American Muslims like to show us where their loyalties lie.

2. American Muslims are part of a Hezbollah cell STILL operating out of North Carolina.

3. American Muslims hit NYC Streets to bash our troops while calling for Sharia and Jihad.

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4. American Muslims don’t like to cooperate with the police on terrorism investigations.

5. American Muslims support the Islamic Society of North America which raises funds for charities which the FBI has shown to be fronts for terrorist organizations.

6. American Muslims are tied to terrorist groups Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood in Ohio. Yes, OHIO!

7. American Muslims bring lawsuits to force American companies to accommodate their demands for special prayer rooms and time off during the day to pray.

8. American Muslims buy property next to a pig farm and now are trying to run the pig farmer off his land.

9. American Muslims in Minnesota don’t believe in separation of mosque and state.

10. American Muslims are operating terrorist training camps all around the U.S.

And one for good measure, a personal favorite: American Muslims at the IslamoFascists Day Parade in NYC.

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