Egypt's biggest Terrorist Group, The Muslim Brotherhood, demands apologies from Obama

“The war on Islam by your predecessor President George Bush was repugnant to both the Arab and Muslim people, who continue to be misrepresented, and are all examples of the suffering to which the U.S. has turned a blind eye,” wrote Muslim Brotherhood member and Egyptian blogger AbdulRahman Mansour on Al-Arabiya on Saturday. “Those arrested and forcibly detained in the Guantanamo prison await an apology from the U.S. If understanding and respect are two things you aim to express to the world next Thursday, addressing Islamophobia is necessary.” THE HILL

I have no doubt Obama will comply.

This is THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD PROJECT. You’ll find it is well underway in Europe, and gaining momentum in the United States. Watch the video, then read about it in detail here: FRONTPAGE