Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to allow terror victims to sue in its courts, says proposed bill to allow lawsuits against terror, anti-Semitism ‘even if they damage Canada’s popularity’

TORONTO – Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced Sunday that Israeli terror victims and victims of anti-Semitic acts worldwide will soon be able to sue the perpetrators in Canadian courts.Speaking at an annual convention held by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Harper said the proposed bill “will allow victims to sue perpetrators and sponsors of terrorist acts, including foreign states”. Avi Benlolo, the director of the center in Toronto, awarded Harper the annual Saul Hayes award. The latter said he would continue to stand by Israel in its “fight against evil”.

 Hinting at criticism that had been voiced by Muslim groups regarding the bill, Harper said his country would not be deterred from allowing suits to be filed even at the expense of its global popularity.

 The Canadian leader spoke proudly of the fact that his country had been first to boycott the UN’s ‘Durban 2’ convention. He condemned Hamas, and said Canada had been first to suspend contact with the Palestinians after the group seized power over the Gaza Strip in 2007. He also made critical remarks towards Iran and Hizbullah, and added that security had been bolstered at all Jewish and Israeli centers in Canada.

Also in attendance was John R. Bolton, former United States Ambassador to the United Nations. He said the US had known of a North Korean-built nuclear facility in Syria, which was bombed by Israel in late 2007. However, he said, the strike was not authorized by the US government despite evidence brought to its attention by Israel. YNET NEWS

AND IT GETS BETTER: Former Canadian judge wants to bar Muslims from scholarships 


Paul Staniszewski
Paul Staniszewski

Feb. 25 2009 A retired judge wants two Ontario universities to bar Muslim students from being awarded scholarships he has established, though the spokesperson for one institution says her school won’t support a proposal that “flies in the face of everything we stand for.”

Paul Staniszewski said he objects to the “medieval violence” used by the Taliban — such as when Taliban militants recently kidnapped and beheaded Polish engineer Piotr Stanczak — and he wishes to “disqualify” Muslim students from receiving financial aid he has paid for.

“I’m reacting to what’s going on to people who aren’t even soldiers, who are having their heads beheaded and this stuff is shown on the TVs and everything else,” Staniszewski told CTV.ca in a phone interview from his Tecumseh, Ont., home, just outside of Windsor.

“I am doing the same thing these people are doing, except I’m not cutting off heads, I’m cutting off applications for help in their studies,” he added later in the interview. CTV NEWS