OBAMA Administration threatens England

“If you want to restore your credibility with us send more troops to Afghanistan,” US tells UK.

I thought all of Europe loved you, Barry, what’s the problem?

Military leaders have warned Gordon Brown that more troops are needed in Afghanistan if the UK wants to maintain its reputation with America. (Maybe Gordon Brown doesn’t care?)

Senior generals told Number 10 that the armed forces would lose credibility in the eyes of American commanders unless troop numbers surged.

General Sir Richard Dannatt, the head of the Army, recently warned that Britain’s strategic alliance with the U.S. was at risk unless troops were seen to be performing well in Afghanistan, it was reported in the Independent.

Speaking at the think-tank Chatham House, he said: ‘Credibility with the U.S. is earned by being an ally that can be relied on to state clearly what it will do and then does it effectively. (Well, I guess the UK understands that Obama won’t be there to get their backs) UK DAILY MAIL

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