Son of Israeli Military Officer favors overthrow of Netanyahu government

That Israeli Military Officer’s son is none other than RAHM EMANUEL, Obama’s Chief of Staff.  

Obama Backfires: Media Raise Doubts, Egypt Snubs ‘Instant Peace’

I told all you liberal Jewish Obama-asskissers that Emanuel was no supporter of Israel.  

Two days before U.S. President Barack Obama’s high-profile visit to Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Israel’s mass media has raised doubts about the president’s intentions while both Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Egypt have rejected parts of his vision for a new Middle East.

 Nahum Barnea, one of Israel’s most widely known journalists, added that Prime Minister Netanyahu is worried that American diplomatic plans, including its idea of acting against Iran in exchange for a “two-state solution,” may topple his government.

“Among [the president’s] advisers, there are those who seemed to be inclined toward this view” that Washington would be better off trying to engineer the collapse of the Likud-led coalition government. He noted that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is rumored to favor that strategy. (Not a rumor, a fact)

Former Israel Ambassador to the U.S. Zalman Shoval wrote in Yisrael HaYom, the second-largest Hebrew-language paper in the country, “If the Obama administration decides that the issue of settlements will top the list of issues that are to be resolved – the failure of its planned move is assured in advance.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu flatly told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee Monday morning that “freezing life” in Judea and Samaria is not reasonable. He said he accepts the need to dismantle hilltop communities that the U.S. considers illegal but rejects President Obama’s immediate halt on all building in Judea and Samaria.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit flatly rejected Washington’s pan-Arab peace plan. In an interview with the Saudi newspaper A-sharq Al Awsat, Gheit said the Arab world would not agree to President Obama’s suggestion that it prove its good faith by opening its skies to Israel’s El Al Airlines.

He said that Muslim countries want Israel to surrender all of Judea and Samaria, as well as the Old City in Jerusalem and several large neighborhoods in the capital, before making any moves that would indicate recognition of the Jewish state.

Gheit echoed Abbas’s refusal to define Israel as a Jewish state, a term that would preclude carrying out the Saudi 2002 Peace Plan proposal for the immigration to Israel of millions of foreign Arabs claming ancestry there.  ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS

Dick Morris on Obama and the impending death of Israel.

Was Hillary’s kiss with Palestinian Terrorist’s wife just a fling or true love?

Back several years ago, right after Suha Arafat (falsely) 
She will not rest until, peace by peace, all of Israel is declared a Jew-free zone.
accused Israel of poisoning Arab children, first lady Hillary Clinton offered Suha a big fat smooch of consolation. Some of us thought of it as just a “fem thing”.

Must be true love, because Hillary, traveling now as Secretary of State in pantsuits, makes it clearer every day that she will not rest until, peace by peace, all of Israel is declared a Jew-free zone. Only a few days ago, Hillary insisted that “settlement expansions [must] cease. This is our position. We intend to press that point.”

Hillary the Candidate spoke of “our deep and lasting bonds between the United States and Israel.” Hillary the Secretary of State suddenly stopped being so pleasant, citing Israel’s “actions” as “unhelpful.” What happened between then and now? Then, she needed dollars and support.

Now, free at last to speak her true mind, Hillary is back kissing Suha. Who is Suha? This is a woman who was married to the most fertile killer of Jews since Adolph Hitler; and though Hitler (for some reason) never won a Nobel Prize for Peace, Yasser Arafat did. Yasser Arafat died a very rich man. He got rich the old-fashioned way; through theft. United States, poured billions into Yasser Ararat’s coffers and, while some of this loot was distributed among his people, this Nobel laureate kept several billion for himself, for his cronies and, naturally, for his wife. 

When it comes to Israel (and it always comes to Israel) neither Hillary nor her boss, Barack Obama, trouble themselves with diplomatic niceties. They go directly to Al Capone/Chicago Speak, like this “He [Obama] wants to see a stop to settlements – not some settlements, not outposts, not ‘natural growth’ exceptions.” That’s right, it’s time to get tough on the Jews and persuade them that as Gaza goes, so must all of Israel go – to the dogs of Hamas. Call it, if you will, Gangster Politics.

We know, what Hillary and Obama have in mind – the Saudi Plan or any other “plan” that seeks to sweet-talk Israel out of existence. The latest trick – yes, one trick after another – was the demand that Israel fly the United Nations flag over Jerusalem.         

While North Korea threatens to nuke South Korea, Hillary is obsessed with Israel. Maybe it’s the climate,  and besides, it’s so much easier to push the Jews around. ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS

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