CALL THE RIOT POLICE: Greek Muslims threaten MORE violence

Muslim leaders warn Greece of more riots over allegedly defaced Koran.

Rick Moran

A Greek policemen allegedly tore a Koran from an Iraqi immigrant and stepped on it which set off riots last week with the usual torched cars and general mayhem. Greece has an assimilation problem with a huge influx of illegal Muslim immigrants – 400,000 in the Athens area alone – and along with an arson attack on a Muslim prayer room, tensions have been driven very high.

But really, this is about recognizing an invisible community – and the Muslims are milking the controversy for all that it’s worth. No, offending Islam is not a game – at least not for authorities. For Muslim activists it is, however, a perfect opportunity to gain some power at the expense of trembling authorities who worry what 1 million Muslims can do to their cities if they get riled up.

I might mention that no one is sure if the policeman did the things he is accused of. But the perceived slight – even if it never happened – is a godsend to those who wish to stifle free speech and gain advantage over the situation. AMERICAN THINKER

Iason Athanasiadis of the 
Washington Times reports:

Muslim leaders in Greece are warning authorities of violent protests in the mainly Christian Orthodox nation after an incident in which a policeman reportedly defaced a Koran. 

“How can you control enraged 20-year-old Afghans who will hit the streets seeking to die in the name of Allah?” asked Naim al-Ghandour, president of the Muslim Union of Greece. 

Muslim leaders in Greece have distanced themselves from the violence, but are seeking a formal apology from police while warning that they are on the verge of losing control over their communities. 

Riot police forces, who typically battle anarchists on the left and right, have instead been placed on full alert in neighborhoods populated by Greece’s estimated 1 million immigrants. 

“This is creating hate in a country that did not have the reputation in the Arab and Muslim world of being an enemy,” Mr. al-Ghandour said. 

“Greece is not Denmark,” said Ahmed Muawiya, a member of the Greek Immigrant Forum, seeking to dispel fears of another conflagration like one that followed the 2006 global riots over Danish cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad. 

“But offending Islam is not a game, and this must not be viewed as just an immigrant issue,” Mr. Muawiya said. 


This is just sick: GREEK INTERNAL AFFAIRS MINISTRY issues a “Proper Behavior Manual” about attitides towards Muslims

“Proper Behavior Manual” consists of instructions for policemen and how they should behave in order to finish their jobs without provoking anger among the Mohamed followers. About ten days ago a Greek policeman, tore a piece of paper, which had quotes from the Koran by accident and provoked a strong angry wave among the Muslim immigrants in Athens.

The manual advises on how to arrest Muslims in police stations, in what way authorities should enter the mosques, how the Muslim fasting should be respected, the immigrants right to pray 5 or 6 times per day, not to take off the veils from the women’s faces. The policemen are advised to take off their shoes before entering a mosque for check-up, they need to be careful when searching a Muslim house and to abstain from tearing Arab papers, which might turn out to be quotes from the Koran, they also need to be very careful with any amulets they encounter. The authorities have been warned that even the slightest mistake can lead to serious religious riots.  GR Reporter

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