WHITE HOUSE puts out Muslim Affirmative Action video

As if he didn’t shove it in the face of non-Muslims enough with his apology trip to the Middle East, now Obama wants us to know about the many Muslims he has in his Administration.

Debbie Schlussel has some interesting commentary on the video here: debbieschlussel.com

I find it odd that there are English subtitles even though the people in the video are speaking perfect American English.

But I found two things the Muslim lawyer said to be very disturbing:

1) “There’s a prophetic tradition in our Muslim faith that says if you see something objectionable, you should change it with your hands.”

Like this? child-terrorists-1st-beheading-very-graphic-images

2) “If you’re unable to change it with your hands, you should change it with your tongue.”

Like this? watch?v=iXislnbyj28&feature=channel_page