I, a Muslim

TV documentary about Islam produced in the Czech Republic outraged Muslims. What a surprise!

(Video is 27 minutes long so you might want to download it for later)

A Czech Television (TV) documentary (2006) raised tensions within the country’s Muslim population to a level not seen here since weeks of recent global unrest over the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad. Ambassadors to the Czech Republic from Arab nations and members of the Czech Muslim community say they are outraged by a documentary aired on TV last fall that used hidden camera footage of conversations in a Prague mosque and spliced it with images of terrorism.

Members of the Muslim community claim the program is biased, provokes fear and manipulates footage to promote false stereotypes. “It was made in a confrontational style,” says [the]…head of the Islamic Center in Prague. “We see it as a one-sided documentary, which evokes a distorted look at Islam in the eyes of the Czech public.”...(That’s how Muslims see everything that shows the truth about Islam)

The footage in I, Muslim shows a reporter pretending to be someone interested in converting to Islam. He conducts several conversations with members of the mosque…about Islam, Europe, terrorism and the role of women….says he stands behind his choice to use the hidden camera footage. “I wanted to get real opinions of the local Muslim community on the issue — find out what the differences are between Czech and foreign Islam,” he says.

One Muslim in the documentary says Islamic law should be implemented in the Czech Republic, including the death penalty for adultery. “I have to say with 100 percent certainty that by using hidden camera I have learned things that I would never have learned otherwise,” he says. “The result was alarming, and if not for the hidden camera, I would have never had any of this footage.” LIVE LEAK

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