Muslim Council of Britain shocked by victory of right wing anti-(MUSLIM) immigrant party. JUST SHOCKED!

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black…..Muslims say “This (BNP) is a party that has a history of whipping up hatred!”

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) today joined other British (liberal) people in voicing their alarm and concern as the British National Party (BNP) gained its first two seats in the European parliament. This is a party that has a history of whipping up hatred against Muslims and immigrants and has described Islam as ‘a vicious, wicked faith’.

Unlike other European countries, the UK prided itself in refusing to send MEPs who belonged to the far-right. Today we have reached a sad and historic milestone where we can no longer claim that racism has no place on our political landscape.

Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain said “This is a sad day for British politics. The news of the election of far-right MEPs comes at a time when we mark the 65th anniversary of D-Day, celebrating the heroism of those who fought the same hatred and fascism and racism we are witnessing today.”

“They now have a platform and taxpayer resources to perpetuate hate. They now have the ability to join racists and fascists in continental Europe to create a coalition of racists and Islamophobes. I call on all mainstream parties, and all British people, Muslims included, to come together to ensure we challenge the far right. We must ensure that this is a mere blip, and not a milestone, in British politics.(Hey, you, British IslamoFacist guy, it ISN’T Islamophobia when you really ARE trying to kill us) MUSLIM COUNCIL OF BRITAIN

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And Europe is right behind the UK in kicking out left wing socialists and Muslim sympathizers.

Anti-Islam Parties Big Winners in European Union

Anti-Islam parties scored big victories in European Union parliamentary voting that concluded Sunday.

In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders’ Freedom party won 17 percent of the country’s votes, giving it four out of the country’s 25 seats in the 736-seat EUP. Its support placed it less than three percent behind the ruling Christian Democratic Alliance’s showing.

In Britain, the white-only British National Party astonished analysts by winning two seats for the first time. The party opposes the presence of ethnic minorities in Britain and is against immigration. The ruling Labor party of Prime Minister Gordon Brown won only approximately 15 percent of the vote, signaling a possible defeat in the next local elections.

Austria’s Freedom party doubled its strength since the 2004 elections, running on a platform with posters declaring “The Occident in Christian hands.” Party leader Nick Griffin said his victory was a vote for “indigenous people” who he said are victims of racial discrimination.

In Hungary, the right-wing Jobbik party, which describes itself as anti-immigration, won three of the country’s 22 seats in the EUP. In addition, the main center-right opposition party won 14 seats compared with only four seats for the ruling Socialist party.

Slovakia also elected a ultranationalist party to the EUP for the first time.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s party scored an impressive victory, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party held on to the support it had in the previous elections.  ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS

HA! HA! HA! Liberals whine about the right wing parties.

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