How to be offensive to Muslims without really trying

Apparently, just being a non-Muslim is enough to set them off or get you sued.

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UK Prison magazine withdrawn because satirical swine-flu article offends Muslim inmates.

The Jailhouselawyer’s Blog carries news that Inside Time, a monthly magazine distributed free to prisoners in the UK, has recalled 50,000 copies of its latest issue because of fears that a humorous article on swine flu and an accompanying cartoon could be offensive to Muslim inmates.

The column by Andy Thackwray, a prisoner at HMP Hull, was entitled “Porky’s Revenge“. It hypothesised that swine flu was the result of a failed plot by Osama Bin Laden “eradicate every pig in Christendom”:

Atchoo! The bearded pig in a turban that could have offended 17% of the prison population.
Atchoo! The bearded pig in a turban that could have offended 17% of the prison population.

Yes, not too long ago in a cave somewhere in deepest Afghanistan, our bearded foe created his halal flu virus to totally wipe out the pigs of the Western world, and hopefully see the end of pork as we know it. Only trouble was, the young terrorist Bin Laden hand-picked to fly across the Atlantic to carry out the wicked deed was not only a goat short of a full flock, he’d also never ventured out of his village before. So, with geography not being one of his strong points, coupled with his poor command of the English language, it’s not surprising that he got off the plane one stop early thinking he was in Kansas, America when really he was in Cancun, Mexico. There, he set the Bin Laden flu virus free on a Mexican pig farm instead of on an American one as planned – what a knob!

The article was accompanied by a cartoon of a bearded, turbanned pig standing on its hind legs and sneezing.The Jailhouselawer also reports that the Mr Thackwray has been charged with a Disciplinary Offence, put in the Segregation Unit, and will be transferred out of HMP Hull. H/T Religion of Peace


These Union flag badges have been worn to show support for British military troops. Approximately 70% of these armed cops have served in the Forces and/or have children or other family members currently serving in Afghanistan.

Now who might you imagine would find the British flag as “offensive”?  Who might be whining and complaining about it ?? — Should we suspect Muslims and their Muslim wannabee sympathizers? Clearly muslims have made an issue – worldwide – of crosses – or any object bearing any form of a cross (including National flags) as being offensive to them and clearly many dhimmis are tripping over each other to pander to these muslims — here are just a few instances:

A Labour minister has sparked controversy by claiming that an alternative symbol is needed for the Red Cross because of the logo’s supposed links to the Crusades. Foreign Office minister Chris Bryant  wants to replace it with a red “crystal”.

JAIL bosses have sparked fury by banning a cross from their new chapel in case it offends Muslims….But while the room features heated spas for Muslims to wash their feet, there is only a portable Christian altar which can be wheeled in and out when necessary.

Turkish lawyer files complaint with Union of European Football Associations stating that the Inter Milan’s team shirts consists of a big red cross on a white background. This has apparently reminded the Turks of an emblem of the order of the Templars, which is therefore deemed offensive to Muslims. The cross is the emblem of Milan.

Hospital bans traditional Easter Hot Cross Buns = offensive to non=Christians ie: muslims.

Cross of St George is also used by Barcelona football team from Spain – on their badge – similar to the Inter-Milan incident it was deemed racist and offensive to muslims. Many muslim nations are altering the Barcelona shirts so it will not look like a cross.

Prison officials in Britain are concerned that tie pins worn by officers featuring the St. George’s Cross – the symbol on England’s flag – could offend Muslims who might associate it with the Crusades of the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries. ”

Clearly muslims are methodically working towards incremental eradication of any form of the Christian cross from public view on their way to the Islamisation of Europe.  With the help of pandering, multicultural worshipping, politically correct dhimmis – including these Heathrow (and other) officials – British police  and politicians  -one can predict –  in Great Britain –  muslims could very well succeed.THE OPINIONATOR

GLEN BECK: Sick and tired of only Muslims being allowed to be offended by everything.

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